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Moorhead Access and Government Channels in HD!
 MCAM's channels, Governmental and Moorhead Access, are now in HD on cable! Channels 1058 and 1069 replace 58 and 69 on Sparklight and on Midco we remain at 12 and 99! We have had ongoing testing with Sparklight to cure some equipment issues on their end so if you experience and outage, please let us know! We do monitor our signals both coming from our equipment (and we also LIVESTREAM both channels so check there to be sure our channel is operating!) and on both cable providers but we cannot be here 24 hours a day! Thank you for contacting us with any issues! Email directly to: or call us at 218-299-5101 and please leave a call back number! 
Thank you!

Moorhead Access Holiday Programming
MCAM is in holiday programming mode thru New Years Day! Check out our program guide for special classic holiday shows and specials! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Moorhead Talks Christmas/Holiday Special!
Moorhead Talks Christmas/Holiday Special Edition debuts Monday, Nov. 22 on Moorhead's Government and Moorhead Access Channels as well as our Youtube page! Look for it on our program schedule at!

MCAM is now in High Definition on cable!
MCAM just completed the process of going full HD on its' cable channels! Sparklight and Midco installed the last link of the equipment chain in order to bring MCAM's channels into HD! There are some changes.. MCAM's Sparklight channels are now 1058-Government and1069-Moorhead Access (add 1000 to our old channels!). Midco are the same: 12 for Govt. and 99 for Moorhead Access!
Sparklight is tweaking some digital tiling occurring but Midco is spot on. Of course, MCAM has been in HD for several years but the chain of HD coverage for the City of Moorhead as well as the link to the cable companies had to be completed. You can also view us on our digital stream anywhere in the world on your phone, tablet, computer or internet capable TV or device! Just go to our home page, clicjk STREAM and choose the channel!

MCAM broadcasts select SpudsTV games!
MCAM will continue to broadcast Moorhead Spuds games of various sports on a weekly basis, trying to keep a consistent night. On the nights we do broadcast a game, any pre-emption of regularly broadcast shows or religious services will run in their later times (please see our schedule!). We would like to hear from you on what you would like to see! We are broadcasting the football games and will broadcast many of the hockey games (we will try for a regular "hockey night" to more easily schedule and not disrupt normal programming as much) but we'd like to also present various other sports so please, email us and chime in! 

MCAM has BOTH our Governmental and Access Channels streaming LIVE 24/7! Just go to the Stream link at top and click on which channel.. then click the ARROW to get it streaming! Of course, connection speed and such will determine how well you receive but you can watch us anywhere in the world! On your phone, tablet, computer, smart TV.. anywhere you can use a web browser and click on us! 
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