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MCAM is proud to serve as an educator to all for media access and as such we have had over a decade of providing internships to college and some high school students. MCAM also has educational services for all residents of Moorhead! Please inquire via email (during COVID) and we will arrange it!

Below are a few of the services and resources available through MCAM’s facilities:

On-Air broadcast (Live broadcast available from City Council chambers)
Camera and production equipment check out (limited with consumer equipment)
Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro
Training courses for all media production
Community events – creation and play of tv announcements
and more!

MEDIA CONVERSION: MCAM can convert your home movies on Super8mm or Regular 8mm film, VHS, VHS-C, DVcam, DV, Hi-8mm, 8mm or projects on ¾” U-Matic or BetaSP (professional video) even old record albums on 33 1/3; 45rp or 78rpm as well as audio cassette (sorry, no reel to reel yet!) to digital files/DVD or whatever you like (just ask!). We charge only $15 for up to 2hours and $10/hour after with DVD’s, CD’s or flash drive copies only $5 each (includes media!). See us for more details! Film transfers slightly more due to extra care required but film is transferred to full HD 1920x1080P!

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