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Holiday Lights Parade
MCAM will replay the Holiday Lights Parade from 2019 on Tuesday, November 24th at 630pm - just as if it was live! MCAM will also replay the parade throughout the Holiday season as we always do. This is a tough year for everyone and so MCAM will strive to keep as much "normalcy" as possible so our viewers can relax and enjoy the season! MCAM will also broadcast special TV episodes of classic shows and Christmas and Holiday cartoons and films all through the holidays until New Years Day! Check our schedule online at and have a great - and safe - Holiday season!

Moorhead Access is suspending our current streaming service as  it is costly and without additional sponsor support, we cannot justify it. We  hope to bring it back in the future but for now we will be utilizing our YouTube  page for content uploads!
Madd Frank, Matinee at the Theatre and many more will be on it  and will be "live" when they are also scheduled to run on our channel live.  Click here:

And look for more content as we add it! Also, subscribe to our  YouTube channel for notifications on new programming added!
Thank you!

MOORHEAD TALKS – 2019 Special!
Moorhead Talks returns with an extended interview with Moorhead Mayor  Johnathan Judd.  Moorhead Talks had the privilege of sitting down with Mayor  Judd to discuss a wide variety of topics, both hot button issues and smaller  matters, that concern the residents of Moorhead and surrounding area. Tune in to  Moorhead's Government Channel (12 on Midco and 58 on Sparklight/CableOne) or to  the Moorhead Access Channel (99 Midco/69 Sparklight) also streaming at

MCAM Broadcasts the XCEL Energy Holiday Lights Parade LIVE!
MCAM will once again broadcast and livestream the Holiday Lights Parade on  TUESDAY, November 20th starting at 630pm.  Join us for the beginning of the  parade in downtown Moorhead right by the Moorhead Center Mall!  The parade will  also be repeated on the Moorhead Access Channel throughout the holiday season!   Ch. 99 on Midco and 69 on CableOne or on the Moorhead Access Channel  LIVESTREAMING 24/7 all over the world! Just go to and click on the  Big Button!

Moorhead Community Access Media debuts MOORHEAD TALKS – 2018 Election Special!
Moorhead Talks interviewed the 3 mayoral candidates for the City of Moorhead using the same three questions for each candidate.  See the election special on the Moorhead Government Channel or on Moorhead Access (both on cable and LIVE STREAMING everywhere at as well as on the MCAM youtube page.
 MCAM has also broadcast all the League of Women Voters Candidate Forums and will record to broadcast the remaining one (taping 630pm Thursday, October 11th at the Moorhead Library).  All the forums are running on the Moorhead Government Channel as well as being available on our youtube page and the League of Women Voter’s webpage.

MCAM broadcasts the Moorhead Mayoral Candidate Forum and the Moorhead City Council Candidate Forum.
MCAM recorded and is replaying the League of Women Voters Candidate Forums held Thursday, September 27th at the Moorhead Public Library.
The Forums are shown on MCAM’s governmental access channel (12 on Midco, 58 on CableOne) and also online on our youtube page and the League of Women Voters website.

Times through this weekend are:
Friday, Sept.28th:         755pm and 9pm
Sat. Sept. 29th:            12pm & 1245pm
                                  755pm & 840pm
Sunday, Sept. 30th:      1255pm & 140pm
                                  755pm & 840pm
More show times to be scheduled Monday, October 1st and upcoming candidate forums will also be on MCAM Govt. Access!

MCAM to debut new 24/7/365 LIVE STREAM of the Moorhead Access Channel by August 30th!
MCAM’s Moorhead Access channel features public programming, classic TV shows and movies, MCAM-created programs, Moorhead Spuds game coverage, local and regional religious services and programs and much more!
NOW YOU CAN TUNE IN ANYWHERE – NO CABLE REQUIRED! Just access on your smart TV (or thru provider outlets for internet on tv) or tablet, computer or phone our webpage: and click on the BIG Live Stream Button to see Moorhead Access LIVE! Catch Spuds games, favorite TV shows and movies, music shows like Polka Spotlight and Friendship Set to Music and much more!

Moorhead Talks new episode planned for mid-September!
Moorhead Talks will be available on the local cable access channels in Moorhead as well as online at our website,
 It plays on channel 12 and 99 on Midco and channel 58 and 69 on CableOne and will repeat often.  Check out for schedule updates.

Moorhead Talks new episode debuts March 30th at 7pm!
Moorhead Talks’ new episode will debut at 7pm on Channel 12 (Midco) and Channel 58 (CableOne).  It will also be available online!
Here is the link:

Moorhead Talks New Episode debuts Feb. 28th!
The new episode debuts tonight with a chat with Brenda Elmer, Moorhead councilmember and a look at the upcoming production of The Wiz by Horizon Middle School!  Here is the youtube link as well:

Moorhead Spuds Hockey Replays
MCAM will continue to rebroadcast the last 4 home games of the Spuds hockey team!  Check the schedule for times!  We look forward to the fall and Spuds Football!

Moorhead Talks debuts!
Youtube link for MOORHEAD TALKS:
Moorhead Community Access Media debuts a new monthly informational talk program dedicated to bringing the issues and events in Moorhead to the regional public-tonight (1-31-17) at 7pm! Moorhead Talks will feature long-form conversations with Moorhead civic leaders, business and cultural figures and people and events of interest centered in the Moorhead area.  Our first guest is Moorhead Mayor Del Rae Williams and we also feature a segment on the MATBUS program for the area with Taaren Haak, Marketing Specialist and Assistant Transit Planner for the MATBUS system.

Moorhead Talks will be available on the local cable access channels in Moorhead as well as online at our website,
It debuts tonight, January 31st at 7pm on channel 12 on Midco and channel 58 on CableOne and will repeat often.  Check out for schedule updates as well as updates on Moorhead Spuds Hockey replays and upcoming LIVE telecasts of the Spud games!

Moorhead SPUDS Hockey Game from 1-24-17
Here’s the link to the Spuds Hockey Game from Tuesday, January 24th with Roseau!

Moorhead Spuds Hockey is now airing on Moorhead Access!
MCAM is now airing Moorhead Spuds Hockey!  We taped our first game Tuesday, January 24th and that game will air Thursday, 1/26 at 8pm and also:

Friday at 1030am, Saturday at 1:30pm (actually 1:32pm) and Sunday at 230pm and Monday at 2am. All on Moorhead Access (Channel 69 on CableOne and 99 on Midcontinent!).  A youtube link will be available Friday (still uploading in HD!).  Check our website out for updates!

The remaining 3 home games will be broadcast on Moorhead Access and also available on youtube… check back for details!

***We hope to bring you LIVE coverage of the Moorhead Spuds Hockey and are awaiting the needed internet connection at the arena to broadcast. In the meantime, replays of the games will occur approximately 2 days after the game happens and will also repeat often. Stay tuned and check the schedule out for details!

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